If you have read our mission and what we want to achieve and you still ask yourself ‘why should I support this?’, then you would better close this page and all the best to you. If not, then read on.

In general it is self-evident that community building starts with a good and solid state and that building cannot be achieved with inadequate revenue services or obsolete and weak tax systems. Further paradoxically a strong and reliable government and sound tax system are important assets for foreign investors. The UN SDGs are a good illustration of how important taxation is on this respect.

Capabuild is assisting all those developing countries and emerging markets to step up their tax game and that is – may we say – a very good thing!

As a business it is essential to have good relationships with tax authorities and to have your talents to work not only for profit and revenue. (It is all about meaning and many young employees are not only looking for that bigger car.)

As a NGO you may wonder whether big systemic rethinks are really something to accomplish in the near future or even feasible in the very long future. For the short term developing countries need support in getting their tax collection in order and get their investment climate improved. For that purpose Capabuild is established.

Joining Capabuild is not difficult, send the email to us and we will get back to you soon.