No, Capabuild is fully independent, our counterparts set the agenda for training in close consultation with Capabuild. And although we frequently consult with our donors, the final decisions are made by our executive board subject to review by our supervisory board.  At the same time, we collaborate with organizations if and where appropriate.

In principle we do not exclude countries, but where we work should have a stable character, should be safe to work in and should not be politically red-flagged. In defining and scoping our missions we carefully look at various aspects of the customer country.

No. Although the Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs is an important donor of Capabuild, we are a fully independent organization. We do however consult with our stakeholders on a regular basis.

No. As an independent foundation , we make our own decisions and we follow our own principles and objectives as we think fit. The donations and contributions made by our donors are voluntary linked to the budget and work we do.

Capabuild’s specific features are:

  1. Small and agile, ready to respond swiftly to training requirements by counterparts.
  2. A diverse team of trainers with different perspectives on international tax issues.
  3. Not being affiliated with a large organization means we can provide a range of views (UN, ATAF, ASEAN, OECD) in our training to provide our counterparts with possible choices in international tax.
  4. Our experts are experienced trainers from different backgrounds and countries.
  5. All our trainers are trained in online delivery of ‘live training sessions’.
  6. Supported by online education experts ensuring we provide the best possible online engagement.
  7. Providing opportunities for tax administration trainers to obtain a better understanding of the requirements of private industry if and when requested by the counterpart.

During Covid – 19, we have transformed our face to face training programs into on line offering. With the help of education and technical experts we have created an on line platform through on which our programs are carried out with an optimum of interactivity with our customer.

Capabuild is a foundation (stichting) incorporated under Dutch law and is managed by an executive board, currently consisting of Gitte Heij (chair) and Jan van Trigt  (treasurer). This board is responsible to an independent supervisory board, current members Attiya Waris and Theo Groenenveld. We further work with experts, trainers and consultants on a free-lance, contractual basis. Based on the subsidy decision received, our operations are also subject to the ‘normal’ regulatory framework of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. An important part of that framework is that our financials are fully audited on a yearly basis. The audit comprises all our activities, so it is not limited to that part funded by Foreign Affairs. Our auditor is currently With Accountants, Amersfoort, the Netherlands.